I think its time for someone to check on Mr Lauren, maybe get him to track a pencil with his eyes, because I find it extremely hard to believe that a man known for his refined and understated designs would create an outfit like this.

uglyThis poor man looks like he stumbled home after a night of drinking, put on his grandfathers cardigan, then fell asleep in the 4th of July decorations. When he awoke, he realized he was late for the Olympics so he threw on his sisters sweatpants and rushed out.

The official explanation from the RL website is that this design is honoring American textile culture by imitating patchwork construction. But could it merely be revenge for the squabble that ensued in 2012 when it was discovered that Ralph Lauren, the great purveyor of “American quality” had the olympic uniforms made in China?


And the only reason the word ‘polo’ should appear anywhere on this sweater is if the wearer plays polo for the US.  Advertising are we, Mr Lauren? How does the Olympic Committee allow this? Whats next-Nascar style uniforms emblazoned with the logos of the highest bidder? Athletes walking up to the podium with a bottle of Coke and an iPad tucked under the arm?

I have never before associated the word ‘gaudy’ with Ralph Lauren, but these outfits go so far as to be embarrassing. What are they thinking over at RL?

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