Seeking a seisuin, I did myself no favors

For our weekly flight into the city I was in the mood for some Irish music and a good old fashioned pub style lunch as the starting point for a ramble through town.  I like a city Sunday; we often start with a nice breakfast at home and we tend to approach these excursions with only the briefest outline of a plan.  Invariably there is food involved, and much walking. And last Sunday something directed my mind toward an early St. Patricks day.


the financial district has more Irish pubs than any other part of the city. Not sure why
the financial district has more Irish pubs than any other part of the city. Not sure why


photo 2

My first mistake was skipping breakfast. My thinking was that I wanted to get this trip underway before any pubs became crowded and to give us plenty of time to wander at our leisure before people started to complain about getting home to catch the Walking Dead. By the time we arrived at a place called Dooleys I was well and truly famished, with that complete emptiness that drives any other awareness from your mind. Hungry.

photo 1

The waitress was slow as molasses in January so I assessed my situation accordingly: we would break the habit of a lifetime and order appetizers, or I wasn’t going to make it until our lunches arrived. This dubious decision was lubricated by the three sips of Smithwicks I had immediately upon arrival.  What other excuse is there for this:

don't judge me too harshly.
don’t judge me too harshly-we only finished half of this monstrosity amongst the four of us

I ordered the meatiest offering on the menu: whiskey marinated steak tips, sausage, Irish bacon, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and brown bread. I wanted to try each of these meaty delicacies, and give the vegetables a rest for one afternoon.

I've never seen so much hearty food on one plate. Not a green vegetable in sight
you can just barely see the one little piece of lettuce under all that hearty meat, like a little verdant patch under a rugby scrum

Obviously I couldn’t come close to finishing it, but I gave it a good try. My regular diet is almost exclusively vegan with occasional carnivorous splurge. A surprising result of this little gastronomic dalliance is that my appetite has transferred its attentions from nuts and seeds to meats, potatoes, and sugars. My stomach has discovered food and it likes it. I had successfully tricked my body into being satisfied with nuts & berries, but somehow this pub lunch has opened a Pandoras box and now I am desirous of hearty meals and sugary treats. If this keeps up at my age, I will be in trouble.

5 thoughts on “Seeking a seisuin, I did myself no favors

  1. Bravo Bebe! I don’t know about your figure (yet) but that ‘rugby scrum’ platter has made your prose irressistably voluptous. Tell your local butcher to add on more staff so your growing fan base can get more of this.
    BTW: the answer as to why Irish pubs locate near the financial district is the same as the reply Willie Sutton famously gave when the judge asked him why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is!”


    1. Don’t tempt me or Im afraid both my prose and myself might go from voluptuous to bloated.
      I think your Willie Sutton answer is spot-on.
      Your comments always put a tremendous smile on my face that I wear for the rest of the day! xx


  2. You are my kind of eater, love big breakfasts with beans and three kinds of pork products. Hilarious phrases – “The waitress was slow as molasses in January” I can just see her slither ever so slowly on a cold day. I worked at Kitty O Sheas in Dublin for a couple of months (for my sins) and they had stirling breakfasts like that


    1. Oh Jody-I still think of that meal every day. Stirling, indeed. Im seriously reconsidering my embargo on hearty meals. I could live off the brown bread alone.
      That line about molasses in January is from Gone With the Wind, I cannot take credit.
      Thank you for stopping by! I hope we see you here often


      1. Also-I wonder if I could have my Sugar and Dustin hang out with your Teddy to improve their social skills. Since we are on two different coasts maybe we could meet in the middle, like a nice spa retreat someplace warm!! I could try to get Dani and Scout to join us…


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