Top o’ the mornin to ya!

Top o’ the mornin to ya. My Irish eyes are smilin’, not because it’s St Patrick’s Day but because, as I type this, it is morning-my favorite part of the day. All the breakfasts and lunches have been made, dogs walked, dishes tidied, and now it is time for me to wrap my little hands around a fresh cup of coffee, make my breakfast and work online while listening to the radio. Soon I will begin my workout regimen, the chores and errands. But for now, I can work and think and eat peaceably, with a wellspring of initiative.

I embrace routine because my days can often be haphazard. Therefore my morning routine is strictly enforced, and varies only in the slightest of ways, if at all. The foundation of the routine is this:

handmade in Montana


My favorite coffee mug. No matter what else I do, I always have one cup of coffee in my favorite mug.  I like the way it feels in my hands, it’s solid, the perfect size, and comfortable. Sunday is a different story as I drink more than one cup while lingering over a long brunch en famille. But every other day my one cup of coffee is an event unto itself, and suitably attired in my handmade mug

there's a sweet potato off in the corner destined for a sweet potato, navy bean and spinach quesadilla with cucumber salsa
there’s a sweet potato off in the corner destined for a sweet potato, navy bean and spinach quesadilla with cucumber salsa
photo 3
a crack in my beloved mug! I think Mr Bebe put it in the dishwasher once, precipitating a flurry of phone calls to to my lawyers.

photo 2
That’s whole milk, no mamsy pamsy skim milk for my coffee.

photo 4

My breakfast these days is homemade granola. I make a version of DaniBPs wonderful recipe-there are not too many options for a vegan breakfast so I was excited when Dani shared this little pot o’ gold. Before this, my breakfasts were a confusing and hungry time.

I once switched from dairy milk to soy and it  had such a deleterious affect on my bones that I -if GSL will excuse my graphic language- broke a rib. So milk in the granola and no foolin’ around.  Hey, I never claimed to be a  dyed-in-wool-vegan. I want to be able to walk around when Im 65.

photo 1

Pile it high with fruit, a little syrup or honey, and cinnamon. If you don’t do so already, I highly recommend including apples in your breakfast. I have felt much more energetic and less hungry since doing so. I had heard that apples will give you more energy in the morning than a cup of coffee, but I almost always disregard such dietary tales. I just added apples to my breakfast because they go so well with the granola,but the tales turned out to be at least partially true. Just have a half in the morning and save the other half for lunch. It keeps the doctor away, you know.

photo 2
extra large breakfast when I add Ezekiel sprouted grain toast. I’m not at all sure what sprouted bread is. What a poseur.

Top o’ the mornin’ to me!

A pinch from me if you are not wearing green today!*

*I am not that taken with St. Patrick’s Day, I just like pinching.


13 thoughts on “Top o’ the mornin to ya!

  1. I am ecstatic that you like the granola! Very sensible in the morning and your mug does look a nice weight, perfect for your coffee. I HAVE to have my coffee in a Polish pottery mug, we had two but MrBP broke his, now he is not allowed to use the remaining one in case he breaks that one as well. It is mine mine.
    Thanks for reminding me about apples, I’m having a hungry-all-the-time problem right now, yet I don’t feel like eating. I guess the two are related, but I’ll start your apple trick tomorrow and see if that helps.


    1. Dani I can honestly say that my increased energy and improved health are due to you. I never really ate breakfast-there are few vegan choices and the effort of being creative was too much in the a.m. but now I make a big batch of the granola, and have some every morning. I feel so much better have quite a bit of energy, I get more things done, I workout harderand more often and theres more smiles all around! Vive la Danibp!


  2. I also have a morning mug vs evening mug. Funny enough my morning mug is not the prettiest but it also seems to have a natural grip that I hold onto while planning my day. I wish I liked muesli but am more of a fry up and a croissant girl…


  3. I love pinching too! Had forgotten about that, just as well I wore green all weekend and yesterday. You have an incredibly healthy breakfast – I am the most un-morning person you will ever meet – I look and feel foul – so I really can’t eat until 11am. I do have a double non fat latte every morning and that is absolutely it! If i eat anything then it’s usually chicken or something hot (I know, I’m weird, can’t touch anything cold in the morning)


  4. I do believe that “Sugar” deserves mention, being the original “cat alternative” and having the senority over “DWD.” Reparations are in order.


    1. You’re right-reparations shall be made. I will get a good picture of her if it kills us both. Which it may because she doesnt like to have her picture taken


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