slithy toves and charming verdant cacophany

Todays post comes to you from the field. I am an intrepid blogger reporting from the jungles of mobile media. Normally I blog from the safety of my laptop, with all its processing ability, large screen, and saved passwords. But I dropped my laptop, careless little bumpkin that I am, and now if I want to write any AA I am forced to use my tablet, which, as many of you may know, is not as manageable. When my fingers touch a screen quite often gobbledegook results. Probably because there is so much magnetism emanating from my fingers that the simple devices just cant keep up……….I am almost amused at the possible outcome today; I intend to write about the Spring but my post may well relate a tale of slithy toves having a brillig gyre and gimble in the wabe . I have a theory that, clever though he was, Carroll created Jabberwocky accidentally when he was writing a poem on an early tablet prototype.

Spring has reached my town. Lovely Spring; we’ve reached 70 degs (not continuously) and the daffs have bloomed.

photo 3
tulips are out, also.

Where once the landscape was still and peaceful it has now exploded with life, chirping, squawking, and howling. Blue jays cardinals and finches go about their business with flashes of blue red and yellow. There is color, there is noise, and the landscape takes on an entirely different character.


photo 1
this was a new sighting; a pileated woodpecker in our woods

After a long cold winter it is wonderful to throw open the bedroom window and sleep with the breeze gently tousling my hair. Waking in the morning is a different experience, however. The woodland creatures that share our property engage in an early morning quorum outside our window that is particularly contentious in tone. Those last few precious moments of sleep are punctuated with piercing chirps like an alarm. The pleasant twittering is reserved for the daylight hours, apparently. The worst is a chipmunk who hides in the stone wall opposite our bedroom. We must have something close to a miles worth of stone wall snaking through our property but the spot for this guy is right outside our window: cheep……cheep……cheep… get the idea.


I am not quite sure about mother natures scheduling, although I’m sure she knows what shes doing, but it would seem to me that if the tremendous birds of prey that fill our skies during the day could just set their alarms a wee bit earlier they could enjoy a breakfast of champions. They wouldn’t even have to dine to solve my problem just circle overhead and suddenly everything on the ground would go silent and still. I thought perhaps I could come to some sort of arrangement with one of the local pteradactyls but I don’t think they would deign to speak with me. They are the lions of our woods, the newly abundant buffet of small creatures transforms our neighborhood into a scene from the mesazoic era with dinosaurs aloft dominating the local wildlife. At the kitchen sink the other day I was suddenly part of a very wild scene as two large raptors buzzed our deck darkening the sky and sending a bird squawking. It all happened so quickly that I actually ducked. ‘The Jabberwock, with eyes of fame, came whiffling through the tulgey wood, and burbled as it came!’ Only they didnt “burble” they were completely silent and impressive.

Does anyone else enjoy a confluence of dinosaurs come Springtime?


photo 2
The ubiquitous Turkey Vulture “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!” The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!..” I actually took this picture myself from the car as I drove by. He wasn’t the least bit frightened and stood his ground as I respectfully went around him.


I wonder if that lady thinks she is in charge?


pteradactyls were hunted in our area until the 1870s but now they are protected

16 thoughts on “slithy toves and charming verdant cacophany

  1. Oh Bebe, I forget about the abundant pleasures of Spring at it’s springiest in the bucolic splendor you describe. Here in the city, I’d love to trade a few chipmunk squeaks with a garbage truck spewing diesel smoke in my now open window before he executes a sharp right turn through the alley that requires precisely 5 segments…I know this because every time he puts it in reverse those oh so soothing chimes alert everyone in my ward that the big fella is about to go backwards. I’ll not trouble you with how he gently lifts the dumpster to within inches of my window before giving it 3 shakes so that my merlot bottles free fall from 15 feet up onto bare steel.
    This is my crack of dawn every Wednesday.


    1. How annoying! That is much worse than chipmunks. You will have to close your window every Tuesday night. Or drink boxed wine.
      Have you considered bribing the trash guy? Thats what we do out here. You and your neighbors could put together a generous ‘gift’ so he comes a little later


      1. Oh what a quaint little suburban resolution that would be. No, I know this fat prick and he’s settling a score as he had designs on a Greek Hot Dog Stand heiress and I could tell her parents weren’t keen on him so I tossed & gored him a bit during his lunch break last Fall in front of his crew and her family.


  2. Oh please Bebe, I perform such duties pro bono but they always give me prodigious helpings of everything I order which has prompted a little extra roadwork to get back to my fighting weight.


  3. We had a mocking bird sit outside our bedroom window for weeks singing his little heart out seemingly 24 hours per day. It was enjoyable at first and novel but we soon tired of it and resorted to plugging our ears at night.


    1. Hi CD! I fall in to the same routine every weekend- we enjoy staying up later,maybe a cocktail or two and fall asleep listening to the night sounds which lull us into a restful slumber. But the crack of dawn comes especially early on the weekends, when we look forward to an extra hour of slumber. During the week the excitable, loud chirping is the soundtrack to starting our day. Maybe thats the problem-the woodland creatures dont understand ‘weekend’!


  4. Hello Bebe,

    Gosh, this has all seemed quite an Alice in Wonderland experience since discovering you in the labyrinth of the Blogosphere. Thank you so much for the comment which you left for us since that has enabled us to find you. And, we see from the comments above that we are in the delicious company of the suave GSL, the fashionable BB and the articulate CD. Goodness knows why we are here…..we must be lost!

    But, how beautifully you capture that moment when one knows that Winter is behind one and the promise of Spring lies ahead. That subtle change of light, the birdsong, the scents and sounds that are so particularly Spring. How we love it. And, when Spring becomes Summer and temperatures soar, how we yearn for the shift into Autumn. The seasons in all their glories are so wonderful.

    As you mentioned Lewis Carroll……….when we are not in Budapest we live in Brighton where he lived, very close by. It is said that his inspiration for the rabbit hole which Alice fell through was the underground tunnel which leads from a garden to the beach. You see, we are full of mindless information.

    We have followed where you lead….


    1. Oh Jane and Lance! I am in a swirl of jubilation: “O frabjous day. Callooh. Callay!” as Lewis Carroll wrote. I have only started this blog in January and already I have the cream of the commenting crop contributing to my little scratches. You are indeed correct about gsl, BB, and CD. I cannot believe my luck! And now the estimable and delightful Hattatts! My commentors are more interesting than my posts! And that is fine by me!
      I didnt know about the underground tunnel in Brighton! Don’t you get a certain pleasure living where great artists once lived? To see the things they saw and enjoy the same surroundings? It makes one feel closer to the artist, I think. We are very fortunate in that one cannot take a step in these parts without traipsing through the home field of some literary giants. Next Sunday I will be dining at Longfellows Wayside Inn, warming myself by the same fire and ducking under the same low beams.


  5. Darlings Jane and Lance,
    I do so love an occasion to gloat as this one is especially rich. I have been badgering the Divine Bebe to introduce herself to you for weeks and finally she got around to it. I just knew you’d adore her as I do but I also wanted her to feel the affirmation ecstasies your praise carries which in my estimation only a Nobel committee can match.
    Forever yours,
    ~Darling G


    1. I had to look that one up. It’s a rafter, dole, or flock of turkeys. Spoiled for choice. Don’t they look like a pack of dinosaurs wandering through the yard?


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