Secrets or Stories?

Im back!

Now that the Spring Visiting Season has drawn to a close I am able to return to my scribbles. Its been a joyful, weary time that begins around Memorial Day and ends now.  We’ve had proms, parties, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and umpteen birthdays. Now that we have all been feted we can settle into a summer routine.

There has been some of this:

photo 2

A lot of this:

photo 1

photo 3



A touch of this:

photo 2

A bit too much of this:

photo 3

photo 1

and some of this:

photo 1

photo 3

The flurry of birthdays is, of course, nothing new to me. But this year, when my youngest donned a pair of wedges for one of our outings, she was as tall as her mother. This seemed to me to be a mark of time more definite than any other.

So I thought this would be a great time to share my birth story.

Just typing that made me laugh. But when I was first exploring the blog world and was naturally, curious about the ‘mommy blogs’ (to use their cloying soubriquet) I stumbled upon a perfectly innocuous post where the author included a link to what she called her “birth story’. Assuming it to be a unique and interesting tale, I clicked.  Did she give birth in a canoe? Whilst backpacking through the Andes? It turned out to be the story of a perfectly normal delivery – over several posts-that had nothing whatsoever to set it apart from the millions of others that probably happened on the same day. It had no inherent comedic, literary or informational value so why take the world in to a very personal, intimate and precious part of you private world? At first I thought the author had a touch of the loquor ergo sum but then I came upon more and more of the same. It became apparent to me that the ‘birth story’ was a widely accepted subset of the parenting blogs.

Why isn’t the traditional birth notice sufficient?

this is more like it

Human beings are social creatures, this we know. It comforts us to have the validation of others. Perhaps with the onslaught of social media we are having a bit of a difficult time drawing up boundaries between sharing and bare-ing Perhaps discretion will re-assert itself as we all become more accustomed to cameras in bedrooms and twitter at the table.

But not for love or money would I want to give up any of my private life. I care very much for my readers and blog colleagues but there are several rooms in which I would not seek your company, one being the delivery room. Hell, I didn’t even want to be there.

When we strip away our intimacy, what is intimacy worth?

Our natural inclination to gather knowledge has run amok and we are helpless to stop the influx of information. But once we know everything where is the interest? Its the not knowing that keeps our imagination engaged, its the mystery. Allow the imagination to run free, give it it’s head.  Open her up and see what she can do.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know or understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand (Albert E.)

If we leave nothing to the imagination, our imagination will have nothing to do

20 thoughts on “Secrets or Stories?

    1. I missed our wonderful community dreadfully.
      The halting nimbleness of of mind that I have managed to buildup under the influence of the blog community has been watered down to a weak concoction of post frenetic numbness only faintly scented with the memory of clever prose.
      Hence this post.


  1. Birth/birthing story…been there, done that. I do believe my hubs is still scarred. Glad you had a fun festive spring. Hope you summer is a bit more relaxing but just as much fun.


    1. We barely made it out of that experience alive so Mr Bebe quite content to put it all behind us.
      Spring festive but not so much fun-tho I fear that I sound ungrateful to mention it. I shall count my blessings and revel in my good fortune.
      Boy did I miss you guys!


  2. You’re back, I was about to release the hounds. Lots of plenary indulgences have been too, excellent.
    Yes I don’t understand this current vogue for birth stories, professional engagement photographs et al -keep it on your side of the pond!


    1. Now I am paying for those indulgences, (sigh)..such is life.
      I am doing my part to stem the tide of digital orgies of narcissism but alas my efforts are in vain.
      Will continue to fight the good fight


  3. Hear Hear! It is a fine balance between sharing and bareing as you say. I don’t tend to read “mummy blogs” but I can see that birth stories would be a popular topic. I suppose as a teenager or someone who hasn’t given birth this sort of thing is quite informative and exciting perhaps?

    I was thinking while away how we have had more information on hand and on tap than ever before and yet the world doesn’t really seem much wiser or smarter…


    1. George Carlin said something to that effect. I will root out his comment.
      We all have a touch of the prurient I suppose, but oversharing just for the sake of it is hard for me to understand.


    2. Wasn’t it TS Eliot who asked “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” And that was so long ago, but he could have been talking about the present.” Pammie


  4. Welcome back from your spring festivities and celebrations. Too much of a good thing is, well, too much sometimes, and here I mean both good times and too much information. I’m a little behind as I had no idea there is a current vogue in sharing one’s birth story. What has become of the world!


  5. Darling Bebe,

    Welcome back to Blogtopia! We too have been away, hence the tardiness of our comment. But, better to arrive late than not at all is our maxim and what a post to herald your return!

    First, your daughter looks absolutely enchanting. Such an open smile and combined with a poise and sense of style that surely goes well beyond her years. Whatever the birthing story may be which surrounds her start in life, she definitely makes quite an entrance these days with the grace and charm which shines out from her. Positively lovely and you must be so proud of her.

    For our own part, we have no children so apart from our own birthing stories which, amazingly enough, we can recall little in the way of any detail, we have nothing to bare. However, we have always believed that mystery adds a certain spice to life and even after more years than we care to count being together, we can usually surprise each other from time to time.

    After all, Blogtopia is such a wonderful place of magic and mystery and our imaginations can roam wildly free here. We love the way that you offer such tantalising glimpses into your life, your ideas, your hopes and your dreams all of which you pen so brilliantly. You wear your intelligence lightly but it illuminates your words. We have missed you!


    1. Darlings Jane and Lance,
      Everyone in the room: that is who teared up as I read your post aloud. We have dried our eyes, but the warm glow your comments impart upon our souls we will carry for always. Thank you not only for your kind words about me, but most especially the beautiful compliments you paid my daughter who was touched and proud.
      I now know that I must only read your comments in the vicinity of a fainting couch.
      So I must go buy a fainting couch


  6. Gosh your daughter is beautiful all right! Smashing frock too.
    I quietly ssslip away when women start on their birth stories as am horrendously queasy at all that stuff (even though I’ve had four myself and could go round for round with them). I am only glad I never had to be there at biz end and I was desperately sucking on the gas.
    My husband was eating a burger behind my head with the first one so obviously does not suffer from same afflction


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