Bebe reflects upon her OOTS

oh Jonny – wherefore art thou, Jonny?


To reflect upon my OOTS is to imply that it is a thing of the past, but that is hardly the case.  We are still in the throes of summer and although Gentleman Farmer is sending his offspring back to school, the boys of summer are out of the pennant race, and last night I slept with a blanket I will hold on desperately to the dog days of summer

To this end, I will discuss my OOTS.  Our clothing choices speak volumes, more about a persons life can be revealed in a top and bottom than in pages of text, and much of my life can be read in my wardrobe. Unwilling to adopt a versatile uniform in which I go from task to task in sartorial mediocrity, I am much more comfortable suiting my outfit to my actions. A very high-minded attitude for someone on the bottom of the family clothing budget hierarchy. And someone for whom fuss, bother and ill fit are equally  intolerable. When I am not working out, landscaping or covering up a bathing suit I am in my normal daywear which must meet the aforementioned criteria as well as have the ability to go from boat to pub, walking tour to restaurant. A challenging task, but I do my best to come up with a few key pieces that I can switch up. To wit:
eyelet skirt
eyelet navy
Cotton eyelet skirts. Although not quite fitted enough at the waist (Bebe has a hip to waist ratio she would rather flatter than conceal) they are comfortable and pretty. I have one in white and one in navy blue. Putting some thought into getting the aqua one as well
eyelet skirt teephoto(25)
Cotton tee shirts-no prints please-that are cheap enough not to be precious and quality enough not to be cheap. I like to wear my pearls with a tee shirt, but only with a crew neck. I just don’t like the curvature of a 19″ strand of pearls cutting across the opening of a v-neck. White and black are my favorite colors but I particularly like the orange one (not pictured) that I wear with the navy skirt.
Summer feet The sneakers are from from LL Bean. They were on sale in the store this past Spring when I went in for something else and I picked them up just to have as a summer back-up. They turned out to be one of my favorites as the summer contains a lot of walking and occasional boat trips. I bought the Cole Haan loafers because I have two different pink tee shirts but they are not as comfortable as I originally thought. Otherwise I wear a pair of nude sandal wedges
I tried to do an Audrey Hepburn but I had a wardrobe faux pas in the form of an errant bra strap so Ive cropped
My summer hat. I love it. I bought it at a little hat shop in Provincetown and though it was something of a spur of the moment purchase I have no regrets
I didn’t realize the ‘B’ would be so large
My bag I know I seem an awful prep-a -doodle-doo but when your summer takes you from boat to barn you appreciate the yankee aesthetic and you realize why it came about in the first place. In this I can carry not only my wallet and keys, but sunblock, maps, water, a bit of lunch, family cellphones and glasses etc. And if I have to, I can zip the top up and keep them all inside. Very handy to deter pickpocketers in crowds and strong gales off the North Atlantic, though Im not too certain about how it will stand up to a horse looking for a mint- which I did almost find out when I casually hung it on a railing in the barn. It can get wet, banged around, packed away and still does its job flawlessly. Obviously I don’t take it out for an evening but otherwise it is my summer partner, my only concession to ‘uniform’ dressing.
These pieces are summer to me. It will be a sad day when I will prep them for their winter hibernation and pack them away. The colder months have their own charms, I know. But I am not a fan of the bulky wool and mulitple layers that they require. No, I like hot sun and lite cotton. I like long days full of activities, sunblock in my hair and cool pubs.  The warm weather may last well into September, but the summer has only two short weeks left.

18 thoughts on “Bebe reflects upon her OOTS

  1. brilliant – as usual – texting and driving – yes – a no no – i know – more to follow – brilliant…


    1. oh dear-texting and driving?! I hope you are on your tractor and not on the highway!
      If you are in the car are you returning from dropping someone off at school? Dont answer that til you get home
      Thank you for saying brilliant-hyperbole, but appreciated


      1. My Dear, Dear Bebe
        No, I am afraid that I was on the road, fearless and foolish, driving, reading your OOTS, grinning, laughing, and texting.

        So many great comments, I would kill for the ability to use in a meaningful way hip to waist ratio or prep-a-doodle-doo in my writings, not to mention OOTS.

        Furthermore, you somehow managed to talk about the Red Sox and clothing in one essay. I daresay there are only a few folks on this earth, and you’re one of them, who can manage that feat.

        Like the Hattatt’s, I am beyond intrigued by the hint of B underneath the brim, awesome photo. Dig the canvas bag.

        There is no hyperbole, promise…


      2. Dearest Gentleman Farmer,

        First it was dining with sharks, now its driving with iphones. My, you do bring out the maternal instinct in me!
        Thank you for being so kind-If I can manage to even mildly coherent in my little jottings it is only because I am inspired by the rest of you!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sweet Bebe
        I’m afraid, darling, you have the inspiration order reversed; it’s truly goes the other way, we are inspired by you.

        Story of my life, it’s always the maternal instinct that comes out, not the…


  2. My dear Bebe in the eyelet skirt, white crewneck T (of quality, natch, but not precious) 19″ pearls, and jaunty summer hat I’d find myself flattering your hip to waist ratio too. As I was recently preaching to Dani regarding Young Rascal’s Edinburgh tootsie troubles, moleskin can preempt virtually any discomfort a walking tour or beach stroll could present. While I’m loving the outfit and the volumes it speaks; from you, I’ll always prefer pages of text…just like this.


      1. …and I neglected to mention that you are correct about attending to tootsie discomfort. I cannot walk a step with any sort of foot pain. I will just stand in place like an obstinate mule, refusing to budge until a solution is found. I don’t know how some women do it


  3. Dearest Bebe,

    What a delicious glimpse this post gives of you and your life. It is rather like naughtily peering through a keyhole into a world that has been tantalising opened up…..just a little.

    Of course, it is wrong to envy. But……..THE HAT…….oh, THE HAT…….It is too, too lovely. We could steal it without a backward glance or regret. It is very Audrey Hepburn in the Ascot Scene of My Fair Lady, styled by Cecil Beaton and without equal on the silver screen in our opinion. We are certain that you look wonderful in it and only wish that we had been allowed to see more of what was under the brim.

    As we languish here in hot and humid Budapest, there is no thought of sleeping with blankets. Summer is still in full swing……….tee shirts and pearls…..perfect!


    1. Darlings Jane and Lance,
      Thank you! It’s my newest purchase and as soon as I put it on I was in love. And Im glad you approve because- no lie-as I admired it in the mirror I thought of you! “This is a hat for sitting in sidewalk cafe enjoying tea and lemon tart with Jane and Lance” I thought to myself. And to add to my serendipity-it was on sale!
      Its too big to wear in the car but I don’t care


      1. You are so so right Darlings J & L, ‘THE HAT’ is brimming with possibilities whether it be barefoot in The Rain in Spain, lemon tarting with The Beacons of Budapest, or we hope one day soon working her beguiling quip to enchanting grace ratio at our Red Lion.


      2. Darling Bebe,

        All the better if it is too large to wear in the motor car…..wear it you must!

        We are so thrilled that you thought of us. It is true that we are rarely to be seen outdoors ( or even indoors for that matter) between the hours of 11am to 7pm ( the only permitted window of opportunity for hat wearing) hatless. Indeed, we have our name to live up to!!

        We really must have tea and lemon cake together one day in a chic cafe or, perhaps, a cocktail in the Lion’s Den of iniquity, accompanied by darling G of course!

        Hoping the sun of summer is still shining on you…….xxxxx


  4. All this talk of summer clothing and sun hats is making me crave sunnier days. San Francisco in summer it is not! Actually, this is typically what summer months are like in these parts. Just last week, too much of the marine influence enrobed the city, leaving us with sunless, miserable skies for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we can actually walk outside and not be instantly enveloped in humidity, but come on, a little sun perhaps? Sigh.


    1. As I write this it is pouring with rain outside and the temps have plummeted. This summer has not been as warm as usual and Ive not yet had my full of delicious summer heat. The clouds over your beautiful garden must be swept away! Perhaps if a butterfly fluttered its wings in China?……


    1. Doesn’t it though?..Im not quite sure why, and Ive even seen other women pull it off but I just can’t do it.

      And Welcome!-Im so happy you came by!


  5. I would do better to stick to the prep a doodle doo, as colour and structure are best for moi. But am always trying to digress into bohemiam which is TMM (too much material) for me. Love your choices – esp that lovely greeny colour. here in Norcal the night falls and is arsefreezign so trew and cardy and all staples in my wardropbe


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