Release the St Bernards..

It may be some time before I am heard from again.  Mother Nature is collecting on her debts and the snow-free winter we have enjoyed thus far is coming to a sudden, blizzarding end. The storm of 2015 is bearing down upon us and three feet are predicted. As the very first flakes fall outside my window I have taken a moment out of my storm prep to send up what may be my last communication until the tulips poke through in the spring. You see, despite living in the woods, The Family Bebe are not particularly self-sufficient. Or woodsy. Or in the least bit rugged. Most notably, our entire homestead runs on electricity. Lights, internet, heat, water, pellet stove, everything requires a steady flow of juice running into our, …uh…whatever it runs into. One fallen branch across a powerline can put our whole operation out of business. Most of our neighbors, far more hardy than we are (my girlfriend has chickens and makes her own maple syrup!!), have generators, and could probably survive until the summer. We never really felt the need for such unattractive, cacophonous pieces of machinery. Rather seemed a bit doomesday prepper for our lifestyle. If our house ever fails to provide for us we simply close the door and go to another. But now our little upturned noses will be frostbitten because the snow will have us trapped here to face our folly.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Mine will be too cold….

Blizzard of ’78.

11 thoughts on “Release the St Bernards..

  1. If your well generated neighbors turn you away, harness up Sugar Wimsey and Dustin and do an Iditarod training run down to New I am having Uncle L hold a place for you among his other grateful neighbors.
    I’ll bet there isn’t a loaf of bread on a grocer’s shelf within 100 miles.


  2. I’ve been reading all about this whopper of a storm and wish you and your family the very best to get you through it. I’ve always been very impressed at how both individual households and government services are able to cope quite admirably through such extreme snow storms. The slightest dusting in the UK sends the entire country into chaos (and I’m not exaggerating!). Hunker down and please do post as soon as you are through the worst.


    1. They say its going to be historic. People aren’t allowed to drive tomorrow, but many still do. The plow trucks scrape along, periodically through the night, with their flashing yellow lights and big diesel engines and backup beeps. It is the sound of winter. I am no fan of the cold, but I wouldn’t want to go without snow.


  3. I am just reading all the news about planes here not flying out to the East Coast – stay warm and safe! Meanwhile its chilly here but dry as a bone here with sunsets you would not believe but are worrying as its drought like you would not believe! No snow in Tahoe and this is the third year of this, not sure they can last much longer.
    Love love Snow, but to ski in, maybe not that much to live in.


    1. I love a landscape of fresh snow. And the quiet is beautiful. I used to love skiing, but now I cannot tolerate the cold. Or the speed.
      I assume the melting snow from Tahoe fills your rivers and lakes? Where has all the snow got to?


  4. The harnesses have already been hitched up to the 2 Tibetan work horses…they have been resting up for about 14 hours in anticipation of the storm of century. The only question I have is…has anybody seen Sugar Wimsey’s snow boots? She hates when salty slush gets in between her toes!

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  5. Darling Bebe,

    We fear that our message may already be too late and you are already experiencing a Winter Wonderland Without Internet or WWWI………..pronounced weeeeeeeeeee!

    Of course, apart from giving moral, emotional and psychological support we are totally useless to you. Indeed, if we were there hunkered down against the storm alongside you we would be no practical help at all. The only thing we would be really good at would be showing the legendary stiff upper lip. And, by the sound of the freezer like temperatures you are going to have, that upper lip would be frozen never mind stiff!

    Whatever, you and Family Bebe are held close to us, albeit virtually, in the relative warmth of Budapest. It is, after all, only -1C here. Provided Mr Putin does not switch off the gas…..which he did two years ago…..all will be functioning here at Hattatt Towers and we can send signals of comfort, encouragement and amusement to you all in your whitest hour of need.

    We know, darling Bebe, that you are a woman of resolve, resilience and resource. We are sure that you could, singlehandedly restore power lines, plough trenches through the mile high drifts and give rousing speeches to those in need of moral encouragement. You can and will get through the mighty blizzard. Spring is just a Snowdrop away!

    Take the greatest of care and stay warm.

    J and L xxxx


    1. Darlings Jane and Lance,
      As always your beautiful words are of immeasurable comfort to me and a pleasure to read. And Indeed, you have been a help to me in my current situation as the wonderful glimpses of your Uruguayan beach frolic that you have posted on pinterest have warmed the cockles of my heart just looking at them. You have helped me to hold up hope and remember that one day soon, my tootsies will be tickled by the warm waves of the ocean.
      I’ve just glanced up to see that it is, quite literally, snowing sideways. My Japanese pencil bushes are bent over sideways under the weight of all the snow so I must go shake them off. In orderto face this blizzard for the sake of my foliage I shall tap into the courage that you have inspired.
      Off to gear up…..


      1. Oh all this high-toned talk of tingling tootsies and resolve, resilience, and resource has GSL gasping, giggling, and groping for a Hattattian Tower treat to offer the harnessed Sugar Wimsey and Dustin if only I could have Teddy accompany me to ‘Tosca’ tonight with hopes of it being half as delightful as these little parries; I’d have one fine report to give dear Edward keeping the coals stoked, the shampoo chilled, and the dish delish back in THE Drawing Room the cognoscenti near and far acknowledge to be the crown jewel of The Paris of the East !!!


  6. Darling G,

    How Teddy loves Tosca…….and we the shampoo……

    Our Russian friend who came for coffee this morning declared that Mr Putin has plenty of problems at home to keep him occupied so the gas line seems secured for this winter at least. So, a warm welcome would greet you all here at Hattatt Towers…….but, as a good friend of ours would say when extending her largesse……..we are always out!


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