I am bebe;

    bebe is me

I have been fortunate to find several blogs that I have enjoyed over the years, all of which are intelligent, humorous, enlightening and beautiful. It is not just their content, which is rewarding in itself, but the conversations they foster between people from all over the world, that make these online salons enriching and entertaining. They give us the chance to dialogue with people we would not get the chance to meet otherwise, people with many different perspectives and experiences. I may have a naif-like enthusiasm, but I find those things entertaining and enriching. Sometimes more one than the other but always a combination of both.
So now I want to join the fray and hopefully my humble scratchings will add to the this network of raconteurs and raconteuses. I hope to keep it short and pithy, but I cannot make any promises at this point

By way of an explanation of the title I will say that I had something of a Mitford-ian upbringing , a theme which I will return to throughout this blog. Although my life is a lot more typical now, you can take the girl out of Alconleigh…….et cetera.

I live in a little hamlet west of Boston & north of RI with my little family of four plus two small dogs.

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