it missed us, but just barely!


I went to bed last night, like many of us in these parts, full of doom and gloom about what I would wake up to in the morning.  We have been warned for over a week now:


It’s not over yet.

Wednesday will be the day.

Our snowshovel still sits at the ready, a sentry at our back door. The snowblower is still positioned just inside the shed, pointed out for easy removal, still gassed up.  We are New Englanders after all, and this is not our first winter. Once again we went into our familiar routine of preparation, begrudgingly and slightly embittered .

But it missed us! Those fabled Nautical winds which have for centuries lashed our homes, eroded our beaches and sunk our ships, have taken a benevolent turn and pulled this leviathan out to sea.

Im sorry for the Cape of course, and Nantucket particularly as it must be like The Shining at this point in the year but I am dancing a jig for the rest of us.


ps: Have a gander at yesterdays post as well..

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