There was a Sunday last summer, or perhaps the summer before, when I was at the SOWA market.  In one of the many stalls displaying handmade goods, I was thinking that I had no use for the little pieces of pottery that I was admiring.  Absolutely no use at all. But I wanted them none the less. I was not conflicted, I was only candid. After all, there was not a great deal of money involved, a veritable pittance when one took into consideration their charm

photo 1(9)

I love the little foot on this one:

photo 1(8)

photo 2(7)

photo 2(6)

And I was correct. I have absolutely no practical use for them. I buy so many littles, that I have run out of jobs for them.

I already have one for my ring:

photo 1(10)(My parents brought this back for me from one of their trips out West)

One for my pearls:

photo 2(5)

One for my daily spritz:

photo 3(5)(a dainty little dish from Monticello)

One for my mad money:

photo 2(8)(a handmade gift from my offspring)

one for my lotion

photo 3(7)

(another handmade gift)

What to do? The search is on for a way to use these little treasures. I want to see them, I want them to be part of my day..

photo 3(6)They obviously won’t do as a fruit bowl

photo 4(3)too small to hold our ever expanding collection of beach rocks

photo(40)not quite large enough for a serving size of 23 almonds

But then an idea struck me, and it was only because I undertook this consternation at the beginning of the day that an answer presented itself.

I will use one for my pills. It may sound a rather pedestrian use for such a pretty little vessel but isnt that rather the point of pretties? I have to take my medicine every morning an hour before I get up and since we are early risers here in Woodcock Pocket an hour earlier than early is early indeed. When it suits me, the pre-dawn rattling of a pill bottle is a handy passive-aggressive way to express any marital displeasure but usually I try to be quiet as a mouse so as not to disturb Mr Bebe in his last hour of sleep. The littlest little is the perfect answer, really. Its decorative knobs of slip (glaze) will keep the pills from sliding away from groggy fingers searching in the dark. The bowl is noiseless, and will be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.


Any suggestions for the other two? Don’t tell me to wait until I require multiple prescriptions

I love littles. I don’t understand why, but I do.  Little objects of indiscernible purpose make me happy. Is this unusual? I am an inveterate collector of beach rocks, I have a couple of small crystals hanging in windows, I have all of my grandmothers buttons from her sewing box, miniature bows for miniature boxes for miniature gifts…it goes on.



11 thoughts on “littles

  1. Oh I like your littles and picked up some tiny copper dish bowls that can nest inside each other that I use for paperclips, coins, xtra IKEA tooling, etc.
    Those pills look like that one the old man dropped during a Super Bowl ad…that may add a little ‘pep’ to the morning routine…

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    1. There are always bits and pieces that need to be corralled, aren’t there? I hope nothing in those copper bowls is necessary for the structural integrity of any of your ikea furniture-are you supposed to have extra hardware?

      I don’t watch much of the SB commercials but I can imagine what you are referring to. Those pills do give me pep in the morning -they make sure everything in my body works at a rate that can maintain life. Im really boring otherwise. I was tempted to go into more graphic detail as a punishment for your naughtiness but I will let you off the hook
      I just dont want to be in your shoes when Hedge reads that……

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    1. Ive never been to Japan but I have cast an appreciate eye over their artistry in miniatures. When my girls were younger they collected little colorful Japanese characters, I think they were erasers actually, and I probably liked them even more than they did! I was a little sad when they grew out of them.
      Wabi sabi is philosophy I have embraced forever

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  2. My Bestest and Foreverest Bebe

    Oh look, see now that the technology in my life is back I can be back, which may not be a good thing, or a wanted thing, but is definitely a thing. Which is, after all, the perfect segue into my thoughts on your littles, and that is just let the littles be as they are, little, asking no more, or no less of their existence, than to just exist, to exist for you and your pleasure, your happiness, your complete bebeness.

    And though I absolutely love your throwaway comment on long-term marriage and the rules by which we play/interact, I do so hope that all is well with your health and that those pills are just a temporary…

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    1. Dearest Gentleman Farmer
      Oh we are all so happy that you can join us again. We have missed you so. I always assume that your absences, whenever they may occur, are due to farming. Especially in the Spring or Fall. I am looking forward to Totem chronicles this spring-so tired am I of living in the Aleutians….
      The pills are a permanent part of my life-thats why I found the little bowl such a fine solution. Not to worry-I am very healthy. But I do need those pills to stay that way, and were it not for the wonderful advancements of modern medicine then Mr Bebe would be on his second wife by now. Sometimes I think he is tempted to hide them…but I have a secret stash- he is not getting rid of me that easily!

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  3. Im afraid if I put them into the serving rotation they will get ruined. One of us here will put absolutely anything in the dishwasher and I dont want to mention any names but he needs to be supervised when doing dishes!
    I don’t remember having a little dollhouse. However I do remember coming down to Christmas morning one year to find that Santa had left me the Charlies Angels Treehouse! Before that I think I had the fisher price play house-I still have a couple of pieces
    That little teddy bear is from my youth,too. I loved little animals made of glass or ceramics


  4. So tiny and yet so full of the world. We have paintings by someone we knew in London (she was our babysitter for her sins…) and all her pictures were tiny just like her. A dealer from Denver said he would take her on if she could just paint HUGE for his clients. She refused to.


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