6 thoughts on “grisaille

  1. I was a runner once and I loved long winter runs.
    Winter can be desolate or purifying, well I guess it’s all in the approach like everything else… still, thanks for reminding me that it is beautiful!


    1. oh it was so still.A very peaceful stillness, not eerie. And not too cold, or that would be the desolate category.
      I usually consider a snowfall to be an excuse to stay indoors


  2. Good on you. I love to run but can never bring myself to do it in the snow…granted doesn’t happen much in my parts excepts this year. Very pretty, lonely pictures.


    1. Thank you!
      I challenge almost anyone to have an anxious, unsettled mind after a run in this kind of peace.
      Thats right-Jack Frost made quite a sweep of the South this season!


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